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New blogpost up at with images from a multi-hour hike to the lake Morskie Oko in Poland’s Tatra National Park :)

Here’s one more picture from Coeffin Castle before I go to bed. Thanks for all the likes and hello to all of my new followers! Hope you all have a great day!

A section of Lismore coast in Loch Linnhe on the west coast of Scotland

The ruins of Castle Coeffin on the island of Lismore, Scotland

The view as I walk from the house to the wood pile/workshop #ScotlandCroftlife

One of yesterday’s jobs was to load the chicken hut into the trailer and relocate it to this different part of the croft. Happy chickens in their new location. #ScotlandCroftlife

I left my heart in Glasgow. 12 days till I’m back with my love once again. #imissmywove

Chopping wood is a very transferable skill between my rainforest kingdom on the west coast of Canada and this croft on the Scottish island of Lismore


this love. 

this happiness. 

I miss her so damn much.

14 days is too many away.