1. Follow ourwildways because she is many shades of awesome delightfulness!



  3. Dinner down by the water (at Backeddy Resort and Marina)


  4. I’m going to be away from wifi etc for the next week as I work on my book up in Egmont. I hope you all have a great week! :) (at Egmont BC)


  5. Where the ocean meets the sky… and a river.


  6. It’s good to have options


  7. Where the water falls


  8. To descend


  9. Like a panda


  10. To cross the sea again. To set forth upon the waters and land. To head forward towards the unknown, uncertain, and the mayhaps.

    Perchance to live. Perchance to love. All of life is this unwieldily traverse with its glories and stories both large and small.