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Just Keep On Going

Sometimes it gets daunting. We look around and wonder if it matters, or our rationale looks fuzzy and far away. We can feel like we’re buried under a pile of ‘I Don’t Give A Damn’. What started out as a fire and a frenzied launch out of the gates has gone well beyond a slog, and it can feel like we’re going through the motions.

Keep going.

You’re not alone in this.

In the moment it is difficult to get a wider look at where we are. When you’re deep in the forest, all you see is forest. When we’re caught in the mood of craptastic fear and uncertainty, we push away those dreams and passions that compel and draw us on. It’s a tension many of us know well.

And it’s ok.

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Davis Bay Pier on the Sunshine Coast

This one time in Nanaimo…

Tonight I met with @tysonelder and @webmeisterbud in #SidneyBC to discuss Monday night’s book launch event at Vic42 (660 Discovery St) from 7-8pm :) This was Bud’s set-up on my gorillapod for a group photo on an auto-timer. He travels pretty far in ten seconds!

Tonight I went out for a walk in Sidney BC

To the mountain I must go

This moment brought to you by Victoria BC ;)