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If you’ve ever wondered what I sound like, if I’m a hand talker, and if I make sound effects often… you’ll find some answers in this video ;)

Oh and my website address is 


A prematurely captured mid-air kiss of today.

My Love, my Love.

My gods how I miss my Love.

July 2014 Update Newsletter info

Tomorrow morning my July 2014 newsletter goes out bright and early! It has a recap of what I’ve been up to this past month, a link to a podcast interview (Swoop’s World), a little bit of a mention about the nifty Steller app that has been featuring my work, and more.. oh yeah.. and I just completely redesigned my website and I’m now offering mentoring services. ;)

More details to come shortly! First on the newsletter.
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Then I’ll announce the things everywhere else later on.

Ok I’m horrible with secrets. I’ll do a formal website launch announcement later but if you go there now you can check it all out ;)

Hello sir! Your work is all so beautiful, it brings me great joy to see you pop up on my dashboard. Care to recommend some of your favorite photography blogs?

A question by Anonymous

Thank you so much! :D

I’d love to recommend a few of my favourite photography blogs for you!

First and foremost my love’s tumblr!


Other ones to follow are:

There are plenty more but that’s a good start ;)

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